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The Highlighter Pen

Sϵv϶n’s highlighting differs from the norm by the provision of a true highlighter pen; just like a physical highlighter this style is semi-transparent and colors both the paper and the text under it, including areas already colored by the highlighter. Some examples:

  • Highlighting multiple times to darken the color:

    This text has been highlighted in red, and this has been highlighted twice.

  • Overlapping different colors:

    Text highlighted in yellow, highlighted in yellow and blue, highlighted in blue.

  • Highlighting colored text:

    Blue text highlighted with a yellow pen.

The Power of Sϵv϶n in Action…

The above is an abstract from Sϵv϶n’s in-application help – which is written using Sϵv϶n. To create this web page the help document was exported from Sϵv϶n as HTML+CSS. Then the required section was copied into the page template, before tweaking to match the page design. Attempting to manually mimic Sϵv϶n’s highlighter in HTML+CSS would have been much harder.