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Sϵv϶n is a formatted text editor/simple word processor. Sϵv϶n has particular support for technical writers writing documentation for OS X applications. With its many features, Sϵv϶n is a capable application lying in the region between basic text editors and powerful word processors.

  • Native file formats are RTF and RTFD.
  • Can read and write Word 97, 2003 & 2007, OpenDocument and HTML formats.
  • Uses the modern document model (versions, etc.) with a special “Save As” feature for pre-Lion aficionados.
  • Features to assist in producing application support documentation.
  • True highlighter pen.
  • Live word counting.
  • Correctly handles RTFD (rich text with graphics) documents under control of the Subversion (svn, 1.7+ & 1.6) and Git version control systems; other applications often tend to break version control.
  • Manages OS X Versions so that documents under Subversion or Git control are correctly updated when using OS X Revert operations.
  • And more…


The original language of Sϵv϶n is English. Based on automatic translation Sϵv϶n is localised in French, German and Portuguese; the in-application help offers a choice of localised text or the original English.

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