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JAC Digital

JAC Digital (“Just A Clock”) - for when you just need to know the time.

One or more resizable digital clocks showing the time in different locations.

  • Optional date, timezone AM/PM and leading zero display.
  • Uses system language & calendar for display.
  • Clocks may optionally float above other apps, or be brought forward using a hot corner.
  • Spaces/Mission Control aware.


What’s New: v3

This update brings new features and support for the latest OS X. Changes include:

  • A new Map Picker for specifying the location of clocks: search for a location anywhere in the world; automatically determine the nearest place, including its local name if available; and create a clock showing the time at that location.
  • Expanded support for multiple screen setups. Dragging clocks between screens supports new OS X modes. The hot corner can be assigned to a specific screen, or dynamically follow changing screen arrangements.
  • A new option in context menus provides expanded details of clock’s time zone.

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