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Date Paradox Resolver

Date Paradox Resolver is a maintenance tool which resolves paradoxes in file & folder date stampsItems in the file system carry four main date stamps: the creation date, the modification date, the metadata modification date, and the access date. The date stamps are maintained by MacOS and its applications, and normally are self-consistent; however sometimes they are set incorrectly..

Date stamps on files & folders may sometimes be set incorrectly. For example, a creation dateAlmost, but not quite, the date (& time) a document or folder was first created. When an item is copied the copy usually retains the creation date of the original, one reason Date Paradox Resolver exists is to help in those cases it does not and paradoxes result. may appear as 1904, long before electronic computers existed; or the modification dateAlmost, but not quite, the date (& time) a document or folder was last modified. When an item is copied the copy starts with the modification date of the original.
For folders the last modification date is the the last time an item was added to, or removed from, the folder.
may be before the creation date. We refer to cases such as these as paradoxes.

Date Paradox Resolver allows these paradoxes to be resolved. Prehistoric dates can be reset to something more reasonable, future dates to the current one, and creation dates set to the modification date if the latter is earlier. Individual items or whole folder trees can be processed.

Additionally; as one cause of invalid creation dates is a copy operation which fails to set them correctly; Date Paradox Resolver supports copying the creation dates from another item. This is most useful when the target and source are folder trees.