Privacy Policy

TimePreserver Direct

When purchasing TimePreserver Direct your name and email are taken for the purpose of sending you your licence file. Your payment details are taken by the payment processor and are subject to their privacy policy, Dalamser never receives this information. Dalamser collects no other personal information. Dalamser will never pass on your details to any third party.

All Products Sold On The Mac App Store

Dalamser collects no personal information from you at all.

All Products

Some products have an opt-in system for collecting details on the usage of the product for product development and statistical purposes. All information collected is non-personal, non-identifying, and will never be passed to any third party.


If you email Dalamser we will know your email address and anything else you care to tell us. We won't pass any of this to any third party unless you ask us to or without your explicit permission.